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Sr Unit History Contest & Scoring

How to Write your ALA History

Member / Unit / District Forms

Some of the below forms may be fillable PDF documents. You must have Adobe Reader to edit them.

A list of the Member/Unit/District forms is available below as a reference for the listed documents.

Annual Unit Dues Form (Fillable)

Dept of CO - C&B - April 2024

Dept Operations Guide

Dept Procedure Manual

Donation Form National

Interested in Serving on a Committee?

IRS Exemption Letter

IRS Inclusion Letter

Membership Application (Fillable)

Member Date Form (Fillable)

Membership Transmittal 2023 (OLD)

Membership Transmittal 2024 ($36)

National C&B Nov 2022

New/Updated District Officer List

Paid up For Life (PUFL) Application

Past Presidents Parley Scholarship App

Past President Parley List

Poppy Day Report (Fillable) 25%

Poppy Order Form (Fillable)

Restricted Remittance

Travel Expense Report

Unit Chair List (Fillable)

Unit Member of the Year

Unit Officer List (Fillable)

Veterans CLC Fitzsimons Donation Form

VA Donations / Activities Report (Fillable)

VA Representative Report

Veterans Facility Remittance (Fillable)

Unit Reporting Information

Unit Member Activity Log

Unit Reporting Tracker (Excel)

Training Information

Audit Training

Finance Training

Updates Department Dues

Senior Dues:                                                               Junior Dues:
National Per Capita                             $18.00         National Per Capita                        $1.25
Department Per Capita                       $18.00         Junior Fund                                     $1.25
$36.00         Department Per Capita                 $4.50

 Department Assessments:
 Education:                                                                                    $ 0.75 per Senior/Junior Member
 One Dept. Convention Delegate Per Unit Assessment        $12.00
National Assessments Bond:                                                     $5.50 per Unit

All Unit Assessments must be paid to the Department by January 31st.

January Poppies 
Cost is $20.00 per 100 or $200.00 per 1000 (purchase quantities in multiples of 100)  See Poppy Chairs page for details.

October 30         Donations due for VA facility gifts for distribution at Christmas
December 7       Renew/Rejoin target one 75% (Veterans Day)
November 15     990 Postcard if your units close of books is 6/30 
December 31     Order Poppies from Department
January 2            Committee Chair mid-year narrative reports due to Northwest Division Chairs
January 31          Unit Assessments due to Department
February 14       Renew/Rejoin target two 90% (Valentine’s Day)
March 15            Unit Dues Rate Report Form (Indicating Unit Dues Rates for the coming year
                             and the person receiving membership dues.) Please file even if there are no changes.
April 15              Year End Report Form 2021-2022 and narratives due to the Department Secretary. 
May 15               Department Chair narrative reports due to Northwest Division Chair and National Chair
                            Department Chair reports due for Book of Reports
May 15               990 Postcard if your unit’s close of books is 12/30
May 21               Close of Department Books for assessing delegate strength at Department Convention
May 31               Unit Officers List due to department
June 11              All convention delegate registrations and payment due to department
July 24               Renew/Rejoin target three 95% (National Close of Books for delegate
                           strength at National Convention)