Exciting Updates to Annual Reports:

        • Reporting is now conducted online.
        • Word Document template provided for document preparation.
        • Cover Sheet will no longer be necessary.
        • The Unit Impact report is no longer required; the department will consolidate based on provided numbers.
        • Forms allow for up to four attachments: jpg, gif, png, or pdf format.
        • Upon submission an email will be sent to the Person Submitting the report, Department President, Department Secretary, and committee chair.

You may use the "Word" doc just for your use, you cannot submit.

Department Chair - Convention Citations Award Form

ALA Girls State

Narrative Questions to consider:

How many girls did you send?  How many ALA members helped at Girls State? How many Schools were Contacted? How many new members did you get from Girls State Delegates?

  • What have you done within your ALA Girls State program to encourage membership?
  • What methods do units utilize to recruit ALA Girls State delegates for membership? Are they effective?
  • Does your ALA Girls State program initiate a mission-based activity during your session? If so, please detail the success of this activity.
  • Discuss the success of your ALA Girls State alumnae Facebook page or other social media.
  • Discuss units’ successful solicitation of funding outside of the Legion Family.
  • How have you improved the unit involvement and understanding of all aspects of the program? Has the program participation increased because of this?

ALA Foundation

Narrative Questions to consider:

The American Legion Auxiliary Foundation positively impacts the lives of our veterans, military, and their families by funding programs of the American Legion Auxiliary today and for future generations.

Did you raise funds for the Mission Endowment Fund?  Contribute to the Veterans Projects Fund? 

  • How did you raise money to support the Veterans Creative Arts Festival?
  • Did you apply for grants and/or sub grants?


Narrative Questions to consider:

Flag Education: Present to local groups; Promoted proper Flag disposal; Publish Flag etiquette in local paper; Support Flag Amendment; Vote; Pocket flags sent to troops. Unit Participation in: Flag Day; Veteran’s Day; Memorial Day; July 4.

Americanism Essay Contest: Contact Schools; Youth Groups; Essay’s received. Support: American Legion Baseball; Oratorical; Supported Jr Shooting.

  • How did you promote the Americanism essays contest?
  • How did units promote the flag program?
  • How did you promote patriotic holidays?
  • How did units encourage support of the flag amendment?
  • Did units support American Legion Americanism programs? How?
  • How did units promote Americanism in their community?

Auxiliary Emergency Fund (AEF)

Narrative Questions to consider:

 The purpose of the AEF Committee is to raise funds for and promote knowledge about the Auxiliary Emergency Fund. 

Did your Unit donate to national AEF? Amount Donated?   Participated in AEF Fundraiser?

  • How did your unit raise money to support the Auxiliary Emergency Fund?


Narrative Questions to consider:

The chaplain should attend all meetings and have an opening and closing prayer at each meeting. These prayers may come from any source: Reflections in the quarterly Auxiliary magazine, www.ALAforVeterans.org, self-composed prayers, or those found elsewhere.

  • Please participate in the department’s prayer book.
  • Include prayers, verses, and special notes.

Children & Youth

Narrative Questions to consider:

The purpose of the Children & Youth Committee is to work collaboratively with The American Legion to promote programs that protect, care for, and support children and youth, especially those of our military and veterans.

  • How did your units and department promote “Star Spangled Kids,” educating children and youth about the U.S. Constitution from the aspect of patriotism and Americanism?
  • How did your units and department promote the Youth Hero/Good Deed Award?
  • What success stories do you have regarding support for military or homeless veterans’ children?

Community Service

Narrative Questions to consider:

Did anyone your unit Volunteer at local libraries, food pantries, domestic violence shelters, senior citizen centers, assisted living centers, nursing homes, and for service projects and causes (walks, special events, etc.). Wear your Auxiliary apparel while doing so. 

  • How did members recruit community volunteers (non-members) while engaged in ALA Community Service activities and/or projects?
  • Did you wear your auxiliary apparel out in the community and what was the purpose?
  • Did members volunteer for or organize service projects for any of the ALA suggested days of service? If so, which days were most successful for offering service projects? Did you have any challenges?

Constitution & Bylaws (C&B)

Narrative Questions to consider:

Has your unit reviewed their Constitution and By-Laws to verify they are in line with department and district by-laws?  Has your unit reviewed your standing rules?

  • Have you done an annual review of your Constitution & Bylaws?
  • When were your unit Constitution & Bylaws last revised?
  • How were units inspired to review their governing documents?
  • Please make sure all updated materials are sent to your district and department secretary.

Education & Scholarships

Narrative Questions to consider:

Veterans History Project. Did you promote Veterans in Community Schools? How many Educator’s Guides to the Military Child During Deployment did you provide to local school? Did you promote Department Scholarships? Non-Traditional?  Medical Field? Did you promote National Scholarships?

  • How was Give 10 participation recognized in your unit?
  • Describe how Veterans in Community Schools programs were presented?
  • Do you provide a local scholarship? If so, what is called / represent? 
  • If units actively support veteran’s associations on campus, describe their activities?


Narrative Questions to consider:

Founded in 1919, the American Legion Auxiliary’s mission is to support The American Legion and to honor the sacrifice of those who serve by enhancing the lives of our veterans, military, and their families, both at home and abroad. For God and country, we advocate for veterans, educate our citizens, mentor youth, and promote patriotism, good citizenship, peace and security.

Share auxiliary history with unit. Inventory collection of unit history items. Did your unit create a display for history items? Did you promote and celebrate Women’s History Month/Day (March 8)?

  • Submit history book to department for annual judging, include oral history of events and pictures:
  • Include events, activities, photos, etc.

Junior Activities

Narrative Questions to consider:

Did you get New Juniors? Participate in service projects? How many active Jr.’s do you have? How many Jr.’s attended district / department meetings? How many Jr.’s attended National Mission Training? Participate in the Patch program?  How many Patches were earned?  No. of Veterans history projects completed? Pocket Flag Program? A.L.F. Pups?

  • How has participation in the Patch Program increased enthusiasm among the Juniors?
  • What are the various service projects in which Juniors were involved? Has participation in the service projects increased as the year has progressed?
  • What type of volunteer hours did Junior members perform?
  • What ways did your senior members mentor the Junior members?
  • How does your unit plan to increase Junior member participation in meetings and activities?
  • Please include pictures and news articles showing Juniors involved in their activities.


Narrative Questions to consider:

ALA Leadership Academy: Did you promote? Host Leadership workshop?

  • What department trainings were held for units and/or the department and were they well attended by returning and new participants?
  • What topics or presentations were included in your trainings?
  • Of members attending these trainings, did you require feedback concerning what they learned, how this training will improve their ability to lead, and what trainings they would like to attend in the future?
  • Did you hold training on nurturing a culture of goodwill?
  • Did your department successfully implement the unit member/leader data survey? What were the unit responses?


Narrative Questions to consider:

How many of your members communicated with legislators? Send emails, letters, phone calls? Did you Host a Candidate?

  • How did you train members in the legislative issues promoted by The American Legion and how did your members employ those methods?
  • What legislative activities (town hall meetings, legislative receptions) did members attend in their communities and departments? What suggestions did members have to improve those activities? Please describe.
  • How did members develop relationships with their elected officials? Please describe.
  • Please describe how members were able to connect with their local and state officials and what were their successes.


Narrative Questions to consider:

Think about ways your unit increased visibility to recruit other members and to enhance the missions of the American Legion Auxiliary.

  • Did your unit reach its membership goal?
  • How many new members did you recruit?
  • How many junior members does your unit have?
  • Does your unit have new member welcome packets or orientation/induction?
  • Did you reach out to past members and re-enroll?
  • Did you participate in membership recruiting activities?
  • How did you increase ALA visibility in the community?
  • What did you do to encourage member retention?
  • What were your membership successes throughout the year?
  • What were some of your membership hurdles/difficulties faced during this year?

National Security

Narrative Questions to consider:

Our service for active-duty and reserve military (examples include shopping for and preparing care packages, writing letters, contacting legislators, helping with US military or National Guard send-off and welcome-home events).

Service for military families: Include programs specifically for military and veterans’ children. (examples include organizing and delivering Hero Packs, helping with service projects, providing childcare, tutoring at school, distributing Blue Star Banners, clipping coupons for active-duty military, adopting a military family, providing A.L.F. pups to children of deployed, etc.)

Did the members wear R.E.D. on Friday? How many Blue/Gold Star Banners have you given? How many Military or Spouse Career Fairs did you sponsor?  Welcome Home / Send-off events? Donated blood?  participate in community emergency response training?  ROTC support?

  • Did members organize Welcome to Our Hometown events? If so, what was most successful? Did they have any challenges?
  • What types of national security activities and/or projects were done at units in your department that weren’t near a military installation?


Narrative Questions to consider:

How many Poppies did you receive? Did your unit participate in Poppy posters? Educate Community on Poppy? Girls participated in Little Miss and Miss Poppy? Did you increase revenue?

  • How did your members promote the Poppy Program?
  • How did your members increase poppy revenue?
  • How did units promote the Poppy Poster Contest?
  • How do units in your department promote Little Miss and Miss Poppy?

Public Relations

Narrative Questions to consider:

Positively promote the image of the American Legion Auxiliary and Who we are, What we do, and Why we matter.  Build brand loyalty through wearing logo items, promotional items, social media, newspaper, public service announcement (PSA), etc.

Did you compile a local media list? How many places do you put up event flyers? Did members wear logo items to events, stores, other events non-ALA related? Did you submit an article to local paper? Did you give Auxiliary Magazine as a gift? Does your unit have a FB page or website?

  • Have units in your department been mentioned in local media promotion of mission related activities? What type of promotions have they received?
  • How does your department keep an active and updated media contact list? How has this list impacted units?
  • Have there been specific social media events coordinated by either a unit or department that broadly spread the ALA brand?
  • What specific activities have you done to help build brand loyalty?

Veterans Affairs & Rehabilitation (VA&R)

Narrative Questions to consider:

Our service for veterans (examples include hours volunteering at the VA, helping wounded warriors and elderly veterans at home, providing transportation, distributing poppies, recording veteran histories, raising money for the Veterans Creative Arts Festival, fundraising events at your unit or post, assisting with veteran’s job fairs, helping homeless veterans and their families, advocating for The American Legion legislative agenda that supports veterans, organizing a Walk, Run & Roll, etc.).

  • Donate Quilts of Valor?  Comfort Mats?
  • Participate in a homeless (or any) stand-down?
  • Provide ALA Guide for Volunteers?