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President Janelle Mendelson
2023 – 2024

We are an incredible group of Veteran Supporters.  Please show your support by ordering your shirt today.  

Get your shirts and RED FRIDAY shirts in our online store.

Several styles and colors to choose from: T-shirts, V Necks, Long Sleeves, and Children.  Navy, White, Grey, and some Military Green.

Proceeds will go to support Department Projects, such as the Honor Bell Foundation and the Creative Arts Festival ’24.

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Pay Your Dues Online

Paying your dues just got easier.  Forget writing the check, remembering to drop it off or mail it.  Go online and directly pay your dues.  How Exciting!! 

Go to:

Log On: (If you have not yet set up your log on you can do so now, just need your membership number off your ID Card). Type right corner of your screen.

On the top right column, you will see PAY Dues.

Fill in your information and CC number and you are paid for the YEAR!!!

Call National and Pay for your Junior members!!!

101 Ways to Thank our Volunteers

As a service organization we must remember that our volunteers are our greatest asset. We need to appreciate our members at every level of their service.

2023-2024 Officers: National Executive Committee Member (NEC) Laurie Kuntz; President Janelle Mendelson; President-Elect Casey Rigerman; Vice President Shelley McLatchie; Secretary/Treasurer Terry Rose Lena; Historian Deb Davis; Chaplain Ashley Flores; Sgt-at-Arms Cat Apodaca


National Security is about supporting active duty military and their families.  There are many different ways to help.  As individuals and units many already do without even know it. 

​Did you know that sending care packages fall under that category?  It does.

I know that we have seen it a couple of times go out.  However, I wanted to remind you.  The American Legion Auxiliary National Headquarters has partnered with ShipThrifty to allow for a better way to ship boxes and save money.
This is taken directly from Nationals Website:

Shipthrifty believes in empowering people through shipping.  With over 700 tons of packages shipped at a 99.9% success rate, Shipthrifty is an expert at fulfilling shipping needs for those looking to ship 1 to 1,000 packages.  ALA members have access to the free to use site that allows for users to:

  • Easily create shipping labels and print from home.
  • Save addresses for future shipping.
  • Access discounted rates.
  • Easily ship anywhere, including military bases and overseas

With a focus on supporting our military families, Shipthrifty also provides tips, workshops, and support for shipping individual military care packages as well as care package drives.
To learn more and begin shipping hassle-free, go to or use code “ALA” at sign-up.   

Another thing for National Security is R.E.D. Friday.  Wear red on Fridays to Remember Everyone Deployed. 
Laurie Kuntz, NEC

Visit the Service to Veterans page for updated lists of needs at veteran's facilities around the state.