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President Janelle Mendelson
2023 – 2024

Creative Arts Festival
May 11 - 18, 2024 - Denver

The Creative Arts is a way to help veterans recover from and cope with physical and emotional disabilities, U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) medical facilities across the country are turning to a different form of rehabilitative treatment — creative arts. Each year, veterans enrolled at VA health care facilities showcase their talents in local creative arts competitions. For some, this provides an opportunity to open up and express themselves.

Since 2000, the Auxiliary has co-presented NVCAF, alongside the Department of Veterans Affairs. Carrying out the Auxiliary’s mission of Service Not Self, members, units, and departments make generous monetary donations to help carry out this event. 

101 Ways to Thank our Volunteers

As a service organization we must remember that our volunteers are our greatest asset. We need to appreciate our members at every level of their service.

We are an incredible group of Veteran Supporters.  Please show your support by ordering your shirt today.  

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Proceeds will go to support Department Projects, such as the Honor Bell Foundation and the Creative Arts Festival ’24.

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2023-2024 Officers: National Executive Committee Member (NEC) Laurie Kuntz; President Janelle Mendelson; President-Elect Casey Rigerman; Vice President Shelley McLatchie; Secretary/Treasurer Terry Rose Lena; Historian Deb Davis; Chaplain Ashley Flores; Sgt-at-Arms Cat Apodaca