Coming Spring 2024

Chair: Tracy Trujillo

Committee: Department Officers, Diane Erickson, Judy Sadler

Nationwide, Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) medical facilities use the creative arts as one form of rehabilitative treatment to help Veterans recover from and cope with physical and emotional disabilities.

Across the country each year, Veterans enrolled at VA health care facilities compete in a local creative arts competition. The competition includes categories in the visual arts division that range from oil painting to leatherwork to paint-by-number kits. In addition, there are categories in writing as well as the performing arts of dance, drama, and music. Local creative arts competition top winning entries advance to a national judging process and first, second and third place entries are determined at the national level. First place winning Veterans are invited to attend the National Veterans Creative Arts Festival hosted by a different VA facility each year.

Since 2000, the Auxiliary has co-presented NVCAF, alongside the Department of Veterans Affairs. Carrying out the Auxiliary’s mission of Service Not Self, members, units, and departments support the local competitions, the Festival, and make generous monetary donations to help carry out this event.

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