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101 Ways to Appreciate our Volunteers

As a service organization we must remember that our volunteers are our greatest asset.  We need to appreciate our members at every level of their service.  A member that makes their annual membership donation, a member that also bakes a cake, or volunteers at an event, maybe coordinates poppies.  Each member is involved in the way that they can.  Appreciate that.

One is way is to keep all members informed.  Not just the ones that come to a meeting.  Send your meeting minutes to all members.  Send meeting reminders to ALL members.  This lets them know that you think about them and appreciate their annual donation.  Even if they live in another state, they are members of your unit.  Utilize your units newsletter, if you have one.  Try and get everyone’s email to keep them in the loop.

If a member has no idea what is happening at their unit, do you think they will participate?  Not everyone can attend a meeting, life is busy, but they may be available to come to a dinner or event or even help or maybe they forgot when the meeting is.  You never know unless they know what is going on.  Send Reminders to ALL members.

Many units have a Facebook page for their unit communication.  This is a fabulous tool.  Do you post your meeting dates, times, and location?  Why not?  If it is a public site this may be an opportunity to entice onlookers to check your unit out.  Encourage others to visit your meeting.  As a non-profit, meetings are open to the public, invite them.  Keep in mind if you have guests, you take a minute to include them, and explain what you are talking about.  Always making guest and member feel welcome and appreciated is a key to keeping them involved.

Attached is a couple of great pieces I came across:  101 Ways to Thank a Volunteer and a Volunteer Post Card

Always remember a Thank you and a Smile go a long way.

101 Ways to Thank our Volunteers

Thank You Post Card

Honored and Grateful

July 22, 2021

Thank you to the Department of Colorado American Legion Auxiliary and all of the American Legion family for your support. I am truly honored to be representing the Department of Colorado as your National Executive Committee member. I have been an active member of the ALA for nearly 25 years. Seems hard to believe. I moved back home to Colorado, less than a year after my father passed away, and wanted to feel his closeness, so I went to the American Legion in Keenesburg. I was in awe. There were so many people there.

It was so good the people I knew growing up.  Being raised by a single dad I had many “moms” and there they were.  Well, those moms said, “Hey we are having a meeting, come on down.”  I had no idea what the meeting was, what the American Legion was, besides the bar I grew up in.  Then they said, “You could join to honor your father.”  Moms always know how to get you to do something. I said sure.  Well as the night went on, they say it is elections night and we want you to be president.  The five moms committed to mentoring me and helping me with my duties.  I am sure they had no idea how that move home would change my life.  I know that my dad and four of those ladies are watching over me and the journey they inspired.

I have been honored to serve at the unit, district, department levels as well as national chairmanships.  Nothing compares to working with and serving our members and veterans. 

What does the NEC do?  The easiest way to explain is the NEC is your liaison between the Department and National.  Information flows both ways.  In the Department Operations guide a couple of the NEC duties are:

  • The NEC is expected to read and be familiar with the national and department constitution & bylaws, standing rules and procedure manual and consults these documents on a regular basis.
  • The NEC serves on the national executive board.
  • The NEC serves as department National Security chairman to save the department money in attending the Washington Conference and Auxiliary Awareness Assembly.
  • The NEC serves as the advisor to the district executive committee (DECs).
  • The NEC introduces national guests to the assembly.

I encourage all members to reach out to me, my email is  Please let me know how I can represent you.  

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