Chair: Shelley McLatchie (26)  

Committee: Diana Grosz (161), Melissa Jaure (68)

Purpose Statement
To oversee the nationwide effort to recruit and sustain a diverse, active membership and establish new units to ensure the future growth and prosperity of the organization; to promote the benefits of membership in the American Legion Auxiliary and encourage department chairmen to coordinate their membership programs with units in their respective states with the aims and purposes of the organization.   

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Membership 2024 Rewards
Unit with most juniors
Unit with most new members
New Units
Longest active member (non PUFL)
Oldest member
Highest percentage over goal

2024 Membership Goals & Award Deadlines

               75% achievement of target goal by              December 7, 2023     = 3,356 members
               85% achievement of target goal by              March 15, 2024          = 3,803 members
               95% achievement of target goal by              May 26, 2024              = 4,250 members
               100% achievement of our target goal by      July 4, 2024                = 4,474 members
               102% achievement of our target goal by      July 29, 2024             = 4,563 members

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