DEC Training & Workshops

The Department governing board (Department Executive Committee or DEC) is entrusted with adopting sound corporate policy, ensuring fiduciary standards and fiscal health of the organization, and bears responsibility for the strategic direction of the organization. ​

NEC / DEC Meeting will be held quarterly the Third Thursday of the Month at 7 pm. Zoom information will be sent via Constant Contact.

National Convention Wrap Up - September 15, 2022

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Recap to National Convention and all the Standing Rule and C&B changes and an open discussion.

NEC National Convention Wrap Up

Post Con NEC Packet

How to Read Financial Reports - July 21, 2022

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Audit / Finance Training Chair Judy Sadler will walk us through the financial statements.  ​


June 2022 Ending Financial

DEC 101 Workshop - July 9, 2022

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Department Procedure Guide

National C&B

Dept of CO C&B


DEC 101 Workshop Power Point

National Operations Guide

During today’s workshop we covered a lot of information. Please see the documentation referenced above. If you have any questions please reach our to your Department Leadership Team.